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Celebrities Reach Out To Tyrese Gibson After His Mother Dies From COVID and Pneumonia

Last week we told you that Tyrese Gibson got a terrible phone call while on set. The person on the other line informed him that his mother was in bad shape inside the hospital as she battled COVID-19 and pneumonia.

Gibson begged his followers for prayers and asked for a miracle from God, but unfortunately, it was her time to go. It was announced on Monday that Tyrese’s mother, Priscilla Murray, died after being hospitalized for a week.

He posted an absolutely heartbreaking video, showing him holding his mother’s hand inside the hospital while crying.

He captioned the post:

On behalf of my family and everyone who ever spent anytime praying for my mother This is the saddest moment of my life. My sweet Valentine just passed away.

May the lord Jesus Christ and his angels open the doors of heavens and embrace her. We as a family are broken and just can’t believe this. May the lord Jesus Christ honor your walk with him and embrace you into the heavens.

Tyrese also gave a shoutout to jazz artist Kenny G, who played “Forever In Love” during an Instagram Live for Gibson and his mom while in the hospital.

Dear @kennyg I will never ever forget what you did for our beloved mother you sent her into the heavens with the perfect melody. I am going to watch this clip over and over and remember that you sent her into the heavens on the sweetest Melodies.

Several stars offered their support to Tyrese, including Dwayne Johnson. He wrote a sweet note to Tyrese in the comments…

So so sorry about this brother. She was so proud of all you are and have become. Deepest condolences & love sent your way to you and your family.

It’s nice to see that, considering just a few years ago they were in the middle of a pretty public beef. At one point, Tyrese threatened to quit the Fast & Furious franchise if Dwayne made an appearance in the ninth film.

Thankfully, it looks like they were able to make peace. Our thoughts and prayers go out to Tyrese and his family.