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Kanye West Can’t Quit Kim Kardashian, Finds Knockoff Version In Chaney Jones

Kanye West is obsessed with his soon-to-be ex-wife, Kim Kardashian. Not only has he basically stalked her online, threatened her new boyfriend, begged for fans to help him win her back, and tried every legal tactic in the book to remain married…. HE’S NOW DATING HER LOOKALIKE!

West has been spotted spending a lot of time with a 24-year-old model named Chaney Jones, who is known for her similarities to Kim Kardashian.

Jones went on her Instagram Stories on Monday to share a selfie she snapped with West.

As you can see in the photo below, West appears to have his arms wrapped around her. And I mean, the resemblance to Kim is eerie. If you just glanced at the photo, you might think it was an old photo of Kim and Kanye.

Yikes. This is getting f**king weird. Sources tell TMZ that Jones and West aren’t official. They’re just having fun together.

They have been spotted grabbing dinner at celebrity hotspot Nobu and they celebrated in Miami together after West’s ‘Donda 2’ listening event.

Obviously Kanye is using her just like he used Julia Fox. Apparently, Fox didn’t look enough like Kim.

I mean, sh*t, dude is a billionaire, right? If he’s that desperate, he could probably create a robotic version of Kim. I bet it would be super lifelike as well. And it’s not like the robot would have to learn that many words. I’m not even kidding right now. I genuinely think Kanye should make a new Kim in a lab.

It’s a win-win situation for everyone!