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Barack Obama Has Tested Positive For COVID-19

That headline would have been a lot scarier a year or two ago, but these days, everyone is either getting COVID-19 or has already gotten it.

On Sunday, former president Barack Obama announced he tested positive for the virus after dealing with a bit of a scratchy throat for a few days.

He broke the news on his Twitter account, where he confirmed that both he and Michelle are fully vaccinated…

Barack is 60-years-old, so while he’s getting up there in age, he’s not exactly in the super dangerous zone when it comes to COVID.

Thankfully, president Joe Biden still hasn’t gotten the virus. Even though he’s fully vaccinated and appears to be in decent physical health, he’s still 79-years-old, so you really can’t be too safe.

Donald Trump was 74 when he first came down with the illness. He was briefly hospitalized before being brought back to the White House in dramatic fashion via helicopter ride.

Of course, Trump and Obama aren’t the only politicians who have tested positive. Basically the entire Republican Party has tested positive, as well as Elizabeth Warren, AOC and Cory Booker to name a few.

Obama, 60, had recently returned to Washington, DC, after spending much of the winter in Hawaii. He tested positive in DC, a person close to him said.

Cases continue to go down in the US. The past week or so, the numbers have been around 40,000 new cases a day, which is down from around 900,000 at its peak back in December/January.