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Rihanna Says She Has Plans To Be A “Psycho Mom” During New Interview

Rihanna is in the third trimester of her pregnancy, which means she probably only has a month or two left before giving birth, putting her due date in April or early May.

The 34-year-old artist, who is worth over $1 billion, talked with Elle recently, and she explained how she’s getting her tips on motherhood from The Real Housewives of (Insert City Here)

She talked about Heather Dubrow, calling her “so chic” and praised how she raises her kids “to be who they are. That’s really inspiring to me.”

Rihanna also talked about how Teresa Giudice “does not play” when it comes to her four daughters…

She will flatten you about those kids. And that resonates with me a lot because I feel like that’s the type of mom I’m going to be. Psycho about it. Worse [than flipping a table]. You talk about my kids, it’s over.

I can definitely see that happening. Rihanna is passionate and loyal. She would waste no time smacking a bitch who dared to talk bad about her kid.

In the interview, Rihanna also talked about the struggles of the third trimester, admitting there are days where she doesn’t want to get dressed.

There’s a pregnancy glow. There’s also those days, girl … where you wake up and you’re like, ‘Oh.’ … Makeup for sure helps you feel like a real person. I just focused a lot on moisturizing and on contouring. The face gets a little round and chubby. The nose starts to spread. Everything is a challenge, from getting dressed and how you’re going to do your makeup. But I like challenges.

Well, get ready for the challenge of your life, Rihanna. Parenthood ain’t easy.