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Kanye West Suspended From Instagram (For 24 Hours) Following Trevor Noah Slur

Another day, another Kanye West Instagram story. We told you yesterday that Kanye went on another Instagram posting spree, this time attacking D.L. Hughley and Trevor Noah in addition to his usual target Pete Davidson.

And it was reportedly his post about Noah that went too far. We showed you the post, where he posted a photo of Noah, and in the caption, West used the offensive “k**n” slur to replace the original lyrics in “Kumbaya”

It was a pretty bizarre attack, most likely coming after West heard Noah’s comments on his beef with Kim and Pete on The Daily Show.

Noah compared West’s situation with Kardashian to his own experience witnessing abuse as a child. He mentioned people thought his mother, Patricia, was ‘overreacting’ before his stepfather shot her in the head. (Patricia survived the attempted murder.)

This apparently set Kanye off.

According to multiple reports, Kanye has been suspended for 24 hours by Instagram, which means he can’t post or comment.

The spokesperson said the company often takes additional steps against accounts that repeatedly break rules, adding that Meta will add more sanctions if Kanye continues to violate their policies.

Sounds like if Kanye can’t refrain from bullying people on the platform, he might find himself with a full-on account deletion.

And if that happened, we’re sure he would come back a week later with his own platform, where you have to subscribe for $30 monthly to see his posts. At this point, the dude should just create an OnlyFans.