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Chris Rock Lands In Boston Ahead Of His Performance, But He Ain’t Talking To The Paparazzi!

Chris Rock has not said a word to anyone publicly following the slap heard ’round the world on Sunday night at the Oscars. We’re not going to explain what went down for like the fiftieth time, because you all know the story. If you somehow missed everything, click here.

Anyway, Rock has been playing the silent game, which is actually pretty brilliant because he’s about to kickoff his already planned comedy tour, the Ego Death world tour.

The first two shows are going down tonight in Boston at The Wilbur, and you can bet there won’t be an empty seat in the building. In fact, tickets are being scalped for lots of cash. People are paying big money to be in the building tonight. He has a total of five shows in Boston, and they’re all sold out.

TMZ cameras caught him arriving in Boston this morning, and they yelled at him for an exclusive interview, but he didn’t say sh*t. And that is by design. He’s not gonna give up the goods for free.

He’s saving everything for his show. We’re assuming cellphones will not be allowed inside the venue, but you best believe people inside will be taking notes, so we should at least hear something following the early show.

It’s worth noting that Chris’ brother, Tony Rock, did not think much of Will Smith’s Instagram apology. When a fan asked whether or not he approved, he replied with a simple, “No.”

It seems from everything we know Chris doesn’t approve either, because he hasn’t said a word about it since Will posted his regrets. As for why … well, for starters, you’d think when someone assaults someone else, the aggressor might pick up the phone and deliver a personal apology rather than telling it to the world.

Sounds like Chris hasn’t forgiven Will yet, and honestly, I don’t blame him. Dude tried to bully him in front of millions of people.

We’ll see what Chris has to say tonight.