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What In The Murder? Nicole Brown Simpson Look-Alike Pranks O.J. Simpson

Things got real weird on TikTok this past weekend. An account belonging to Andrew Silverman, the president of Icon Auction and Events, posted a bizarre prank involving a sleepy O..J. Simpson.

As you can see in the weird clip, a bunch of white girls sneak inside Simpson’s bedroom and wake him up at around one in the morning.

And even more bizarre, one of the girls looked eerily similar to Simpson’s ex-wife, Nicole.

Yikes. Dude probably thought he was being haunted.

One of the girls can be heard yelling ;Wakey! Wakey!’ … all while the Nicole look-alike laughed.

O.J. — who wasn’t wearing a shirt — appeared to giggle it all off … and eventually looked like he was going to get up and entertain the guests before the video cut out.

It’s a super weird video. I’m not even sure how this counts as a prank… it looks like they’re just simply waking him up.

The dude is 74-years-old, so you know, one in the morning for him is a long night. I mean, sh*t, I started falling asleep before midnight when I hit 30!

Anyway, add this clip to the growing “Weird O.J.” collection. I guess getting away with murder is freeing.