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Kylie Jenner Says Her And Travis Scott’s Baby Boy Still Doesn’t Have A Name

Remember when Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott told the world their new baby boy’s name was Wolf, and then went back on the name shortly after his birth? Well, turns out, they did not have a backup name in their pocket.

It’s been nearly four weeks since Kylie made the announcement that her son was no longer named Wolf. One would think they would have brainstormed a new name by now, but it looks like they haven’t.

On April 10, Kylie, the new baby, and her daughter Stormi attended a lavish birthday party for their cousin, True Thompson. And during the celebration, Kylie showed off goodie baskets given to her kids, one labeled Stormi, the other? Baby Webster, which is Travis Scott’s last name, which seems to indicate they still haven’t decided on a name.

Kylie gave birth to this no-name baby back on February 2nd, so the baby is over two months old now and still doesn’t have a name.

Pretty wild stuff if you ask me. Heck, most dogs have a name the day they enter their new home. This baby is two-months-old and still nameless!

They need to figure that sh*t out with the quickness. Honestly, sounds like they’re overthinking it. This child is growing up in one of the most powerful families in the world. He could be named Pink Lemonade the Third and still be winning in life.