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Terrifying Video Shows The Moment Gunshots Erupt At A Little League Baseball Game in South Carolina


Unfortunately, these days, kids are too familiar with gunfire. Most schools have special safety drills in place, to protect kids in case an active shooter enters the building. It’s honestly a scary time to be a kid.

Just ask these little league baseball players in South Carolina. On Monday night, a youth baseball game was being played at around 8:00 pm in North Charleston.

During the game, dozens of gunshots rang out from a nearby parking lot. As you can see, everyone dropped to the ground and the kids on the field were trying to crawl to safety. The parents and coaches were yelling at them to stay down, but it was such a chaotic few seconds.

Thankfully, no one was injured. According to the reports, a group of teens were fighting in the parking lot. It began as a fist fight and at some point transitioned into a gun fight. The teens were able to escape from the scene before cops arrived. Multiple cars were hit by the bullets, but as mentioned above, no one at the game was injured.