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Dylan Sprouse Gets Ripped For The First Time In His Life, Trainer Talks About The Transformation

Earlier this week, we talked about Kim Kardashian’s three-week journey to lose 16 pounds. A journey that most doctors probably wouldn’t recommend, unless you were already severely overweight, which Kim was not. Her trainer claimed she didn’t starve herself during those three weeks, but we find that extremely hard to believe.

In any event, there’s another star making waves for their body transformation, and this one is a little more admirable. Dylan Sprouse, the former Disney Channel star, decided to get ripped for the first time in his life this past year. At 29-years-old, the actor/beer enthusiast has always had a “soft” look about him. He’s never really been fat, but he’s been a little doughy.

But according to his new trainer, Patrick Murphy, Dylan is ready to take his acting career seriously again. He wants to do action movies, and we all know most action flicks require a pretty fit body.



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Dylan recently went on his Instagram account to show off his transformation so far, and as you can see, he’s getting there. He shared a few shirtless photos, captioning the post:

Used to wear a shirt in the pool as a kid so I decided in my late twenties I wanted to change my body and become a meat head. This is my meat head post. Been a long slog but I’m proud of the progress I’ve made and I ain’t done yet.

So how did he do it? Well, like with anything good in life, a lot of hard work. Murphy, his trainer, a corrective exercise expert, previously worked with Zac Efron to get him beach ready for his starring role in Baywatch.

Murphy said he put Dylan on an intense exercise program, which included a minimum of 600 reps.

Minimal rest. Burn, burn, burn. Positive adaptations. It’s messaging to the human body for good posture alignment, all the while creating this amazing body that’s super fit and lean.

He spent a month doing fully body, big circuit workouts to improve his muscular endurance and cardiovascular strength.

It’s a lot of combinations of circuits dealing with upper and lower body exercises. He was given a lot of balance exercises and coordination exercises just to bring more confidence to him as well.

What about his diet? Well, it’s mainly about staying away from highly-refined or processed foods. He wants to build Dylan’s muscles, but also keep his body fat percentage low, which is a super difficult process.

Dylan can eat an apple, but I don’t want him eating apple sauce. Dylan could have brown rice, but I don’t want him eating brown rice pasta. You could still have carbohydrates, just in whole food form.

He did say that Dylan is allowed three “cheat” meals every month, so he must pick them wisely, ’cause he’s only getting three of them!