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Ben Affleck’s 10-Year-Son Accidentally Backed Lambo Into Car At Fancy Dealership In Beverly Hills

You know how museums have those little signs directed toward kids that say “do not touch”? Well, Ben Affleck and his 10-year-old son Samuel don’t play by those rules.

Affleck took Samuel and Jennifer Lopez on a little car shopping trip this past weekend in Beverly Hills. It appears the family is in the market for another super expensive vehicle. They were looking at a number of cars when Ben let Samuel hop inside the driver’s seat of a yellow Lambo.

Unfortunately, they left the engine running, and apparently Samuel accidentally went from parked to reverse because he backed into another fancy car on the lot.

You can see the cars definitely made contact, but just barely. It certainly wasn’t at a high rate of speed. It was more of a nudge than a crash, but still, you can see the employee check for damage. And then Ben quickly got Samuel out of the driver’s seat. Samuel also checked the cars for damage and then walked away.

What’s interesting is that an employee at 777 Exotics told TMZ there was no accident and the cars were just parked super close together. And while that’s true, them saying there wasn’t an accident is obviously a lie. You can clearly see the Lambo reverse and make gentle contact with the car behind.

Of course, there was likely no damage, so ultimately it wasn’t a big deal, but you can bet if Ben wasn’t famous, the dealership wouldn’t have been as chill. They would have snapped photos and looked at the back of that Lambo with a magnifying glass.

But because Ben is a high profile client, they don’t want to cause a scene. Being a celebrity has its advantages, there’s no doubt about that.