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Lil Baby’s Security Team Violently Shoves Fan Off Stage, Sends Him Flying Into Fence… OUCH!

Security teams for artists around the world have been on high alert lately. Following Will Smith’s slap of Chris Rock at the Oscars, it appears people have become more brazen when it comes to rushing the stage. We all remember the recent Dave Chappelle attack in Hollywood.

We say all this to sorta defend the somewhat extreme force displayed by Lil Baby’s security team in the clip below. The video, which has now gone viral, shows a fan rushing the stage during Lil Baby’s performance in Switzerland this past week.

You can see the security team jump in and shove the fan violently off stage. I mean, THEY SENT HIM FLYING! He crashed into the barricade and slammed against the ground. It looks like he went head first too.


Ouch. Lil Baby actually stopped his performance to check on the dude, even as fans at the festival booed the fan for interrupting the show.

Unclear what ended up happening to this man … we imagine he was taken to a hospital, but may have also gotten rung up for the stunt.

What’s interesting is that just a few days earlier, the same damn festival had a similar problem when Roddy Ricch was on the stage.

But Roddy wasn’t as nice as Lil Baby. Roddy kicked the fan multiple times while he was on the ground.


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