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Pete Davidson Tells Kevin Hart That It’s His Dream To Be A Father

Pete Davidson may not look like your typical dad. In fact, he looks like the opposite of a dad. He looks like the dude actual dads are trying to keep away from their daughters.

But behind all the tattoos and mischievous grins, Davidson claims he’s a family man. The 28-year-old comedian talked to Kevin Hart recently on his ‘Hart to Heart‘ show, and he explained that his dream is to become a father.

[I’m] definitely a family guy. My favorite thing ever, which I’ve yet to achieve, is I want to have a kid. That’s like my dream.

He then admitted that he knows it’s a “corny” thing to say, but Hart stopped him and said, “It’s not super corny, it’s the best God damn thing you can do in life.”

Davidson agreed, saying he thinks fatherhood would be “so much fun,”

I’m just so excited for that chapter, so like that’s kinda just what I’m preparing for now. Just trying to be like, as good of a dude, and develop and get better so that when that happens it’s just easier.

So no question about it, Davidson wants to have his own children, but will he be able to get them with Kim Kardashian? She already shares four kids with Kanye West, and her last two kids were born via surrogacy because Kim is at high risk for pregnancy complications.

I suppose Pete would be fine with the surrogacy route, but who knows if Kim wants to do that again. I’m sure it’s something they have talked about though.

In addition to talking about fatherhood, Pete also talked about how his childhood trauma made him the man he is today. He believes that if he had a normal childhood, he would not be a comedian.

I tell my friends that all the time, I’m like ‘if everything was fine, if my childhood was fine, I’d probably be a construction worker in Staten Island. I’d be like the happiest guy ever, but that weird s–t that it does to you, made me love comedy.