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Lil Wayne Threatens To Cancel Concert Early After Dumb Fan Throws Trash At Him


Apparently, throwing trash at artists while they perform onstage has become a trend. It’s a truly confusing trend, considering the person throwing the object paid to get inside the show. They basically paid to throw trash.

The latest incident happened during Lil Wayne’s headlining set at Jacksonville’s VyStar Veterans Memorial Arena on Friday night (August 19).

He had just finished his first song when some idiot threw trash and/or a flag at his feet. This did not sit well with Wayne.

This my first song. If a n-gga gonna be throwing shit at me, I ain’t gonna do another song and I’ll get my ass right up out this muthaf**ka. It’s called respect. So like I said, if a n-gga gonna be throwing shit at me, then I don’t respect that person. If you know who that was that threw that sh*t, tell him I said f**k him and suck on a muthaf**kin d*ck. You little pu**y bitch!

Damn. Okay then. The rant appeared to work because he was able to finish out the rest of his set without any other issues. He performed some crowd favorites, including Lollipop, Mrs. Officer, No Worries and A Milli.

Next up for Lil Wayne? He’ll be going to New Orleans this weekend to host his Lil Weezyana Fest. We have to imagine the crowd there will be more respectful.

By the way, just last month, someone threw trash at Kid Cudi while he was performing in Miami. This was his reaction…