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Big Deal Or Nah? Reporter Deletes TikTok Video After Fans Accuse Kylie Jenner Of Having Major Attitude In It!

Refinery29 producer Alexa May Rhodes had the opportunity to meet Kylie Jenner at the launch of Kylie Cosmetics’ Lip Kits at Ulta Beauty in Los Angeles on Wednesday.

And after a brief interview, Rhodes asked for a photo and Jenner granted her exactly one picture. Rhodes saw nothing wrong with the interaction because she uploaded the clip to her TikTok account.

But after it gained lots of views, the comments section turned into lots of Kylie Jenner hate. Fans accused her of having an attitude during the icy interaction. Fans noted how uncomfortable Kylie seemed, like she couldn’t wait to be done with it all.

“She didn’t even look at her or acknowledge her…,” one user wrote. Another one commented, “Kylie’s ideas of charity work 🥲 grr,”

There were hundreds of comments criticizing Kylie, and apparently Rhodes was shocked by everyone’s response because she deleted the video from her account.

I think the issue here is that Rhodes was not your “average” fan. She had just got done interviewing Kylie, so they obviously had just chatted before this photo was snapped. So if you factor that in, it does seem odd that Kylie seems so cold.

But honestly, the interaction doesn’t look that bad. I think people are reaching. Sure, it would be cool if she was more personable, but she’s not required to be.

Although, the Kardashians are reality stars. They literally became famous by just being themselves. It’s not like they’re making art or anything. So honestly, they should be more appreciative of their fans. Honestly, they should be kissing the feet of their fans.

*it was hard to find the original clip, but you should be able to view it here.