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Fans Are Worried About Cara Delevingne After Her Super Strange Behavior At Airport

If you’ve followed celebrity gossip news at all, then you probably know Cara Delevingne is a bizarre person. At times, you think she’s doing it on purpose, and then other times you think she’s legit crazy and could snap at any moment.

Well, fans think she may have snapped at a Los Angeles airport on Monday. You see, the 30-year-old model/actress was dropped off at Van Nuys Airport to board a scheduled flight on Jay-Z’s private plane.

The only problem with this is that she was two hours late, so we’re sure the pilots were beyond pissed. She arrived at the airport with her dog, a Britney Spears t-shirt, and no shoes.

It appears, however, that there was a change of plans, as Delevingne and her pooch de-boarded the plane after about 45 minutes. It remains unclear if she was asked to leave. Once back on the tarmac, the smoking Brit appeared very jittery as she dropped her cellphone several times while speaking on it.

One of her team members got her bags off the plane and then called a driver to pick her up. And man, we feel for this driver because we’re sure Cara was a complete mess to deal with.

Just take a look at this photo, which shows Cara dangling her feet out the window…

We’re not sure what was going on with her, but we know her fans are concerned.


You heard the people… get her some help!