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WHOOPS! Jamie Foxx Denied Entry To Cardi B’s Huge Birthday Party, Door Guy Done Goofed!

Would you like a little bit of awkward with your morning coffee? We have you covered. Jamie Foxx, perhaps one of the most respected stars in Hollywood, was rejected at the door of Cardi B’s 30th birthday party in Hollywood.

Foxx pulled up to the event in West Hollywood on Tuesday night with a small group of people. He was obviously swarmed by the paparazzi when he showed up.

He walked confidently to the entrance of the club, only to be turned away by the guy at the door. Foxx then had to make the awkward walk of shame back to his vehicle.

And of course, all the camera dudes were asking him what happened. Foxx didn’t really answer. He just smiled and shrugged, trying to track down the keys to his car. And as he was waiting for the keys, the door guy came running out to the street, basically begging him to come back.

Foxx wasn’t having it though. He told him, “No, we not good. Nah ni**a, it’s all good! I love you, but it was too much.”

According to a photo agency, Jamie was initially turned away because he had too many guests with him. Let’s just say … MAJOR faux pas on the part of someone at the door.

We’re sure Foxx’s ego was damaged a little bit, which is probably why he claimed it was “too much” and just left. I don’t blame him. Driving off like it was no big deal was the cooler option.

Meanwhile, Cardi was having the time of her life inside the venue. If there’s one thing Cardi knows how to do well, it’s party.