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Kevin Hart Mourns The Death Of His Father, Writes Touching Tribute On Instagram

Kevin Hart and his father, Henry Witherspoon, didn’t always have a great relationship. In fact, for several years, they didn’t even talk. The 43-year-old comedian revealed his dad was in and out of prison during his childhood.

But as Hart grew older, he began to reconnect with his father and they ended up having a pretty strong bond later in life. He was featured in Hart’s 2019 documentary, Don’t F**k This Up, and you could tell they had a lot of love for each other.

This is why we’re sad to report that Henry passed away this week. Hart went on his Instagram account to pay tribute to his father.

RIP to one of the realest & rawest to ever do it…Love you dad. Gone but never forgotten. Thank you for everything….I’m a better father because of you. We will all make you proud. RIP spoon.

A cause of death was not revealed, but we do know his father had beaten lung cancer and had COPD, so it’s likely that had something to do with it.

In the special tribute, Hart also told his father to give his mother, Nancy, a hug for him. For those who don’t know, Nancy died back in 2007 due to ovarian cancer.



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It’s nice that he was able to reconnect with his father before his death. A lot of people don’t get that opportunity. They hold the hate close to their heart and then regret it once the person is gone.

Back in 2017, Hart told Stephen Colbert that he actually learned an important lesson from his father’s struggles earlier in life.

My kids actually think I’m the coolest dad on the planet … I know why I am the way that I am, my dad has a lot to do with that — the mistakes that my dad made, you know, the decisions to do drugs, being in and out of jail, in and out of our lives. I saw firsthand what not being present did and because of that, I now know what being present means. I know what that can do, I know what effect it can have on your child coming up.