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Chris Evans Has Been Named The Sexiest Man Alive In 2022 By People Magazine

It’s official, Chris Evans is the sexiest man alive… at least according to People’s annual tradition of naming the sexiest male celeb on the market.

Stephen Colbert announced the news on the Monday (Nov. 7) episode of The Late Show. He unveiled the steamy cover of the magazine and introduced Evans as a “Hollywood movie star and incandescent supernova of hotness.”

Then they played a pretty hilarious clip of Evans accepting the title from previous winner, Dwayne Johnson. Evans called Johnson the “former” sexiest man alive, which didn’t sit right with the former wrestler.

I never give the title up. I’m Sexiest Man Alive in perpetuity, which means for life… Let me ask you a question, brother. Am I alive? I’m still alive. Am I still sexy? You bet your sexy mouth I am.

All in good fun, of course. Evans talked to Colbert and said his mother is going to be really excited about this honor.

My mom will be so happy… She’s proud of everything I do but this is something she can really brag about.

And by the way, if you’re out there dreaming of a future together with Evans, don’t give up hope just yet. He revealed that he’s starting to think about slowing down and becoming a father, starting a family, “That’s absolutely something I want.”

He’ll have no shortage of women willing to be his personal garden.