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Nick Carter Breaks Down On Stage Days After The Tragic Death Of His Brother Aaron Carter

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve probably heard that singer/songwriter Aaron Carter died on Saturday, November 5, at his home just outside Los Angeles. He was only 34-years-old

An investigation into his death has been launched, but it appears he may have drowned in his tub, mostly likely due to a drug overdose. He had been battling an addiction for years, and just as recently as September, cops were called to his home to perform a welfare check after he was spotted doing some extreme huffing during a live-streaming session.

And just a few days before his death, in another live session, Carter revealed that he got a message from his former fiancee, Melanie, that read, “You’re doing to die.” — again likely referring to his drug addiction.

Sad, sad stuff. His brother, Nick Carter, was in London with the Backstreet Boys when he heard about the death of his little brother.

And on Sunday, just one day after Aaron’s death, Nick jumped on stage with his bandmates to perform at the O2 arena in London. He broke down during the show multiple times.

They had a complicated relationship throughout the years, but it’s clear Nick had a lot of love for his brother and wanted him to get sober. Unfortunately, it just didn’t happen in time.

Check out Nick’s full statement below: