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Donor Drama: Selena Gomez And The Friend Who Gave Her A Kidney Are Having A Very Public Feud

One would think that if a friend gives you a kidney, you’d be friends with that person for life. They could take a dump on your living room floor and piss in your bowl of cereal, but still… they gave you a kidney!

But apparently, Selena Gomez ain’t about that donor guilt. As most of you probably remember, the 30-year-old pop star has Lupus, which can sometimes attack the kidneys.

Gomez needed a donor, and one of her friends, Francia Raísa, happened to be a perfect match. So Francia decided to give Gomez a kidney back in 2017. It was huge news at the time, and this photo of the two stars went viral.

But one year later, the two friends were rumored to be feuding. There’s speculation on what exactly caused the feud. Some say that Francia was too controlling of Selena’s eating/drinking habits following the donation.

In any event, they seemed to make up a few years later, and back in July, Francia attended Gomez’s huge 30th birthday celebration.

Sadly, there’s more drama between them now. You see, in a recent interview with Rolling Stone, Gomez opened up about friendships within the music industry. She said during the interview that she considers Taylor Swift to be her “only friend” in that realm.

After the quote was shared on Instagram by E! News, Francia allegedly commented that the quote was “interesting” before deleting the comment a short time later.

Of course, she was probably feeling some type of way because how could Selena not consider her a true friend when she gave her a freaking kidney! Except, Gomez was talking specifically about friends within the music industry. Francia is an actress, so it kinda makes sense for Gomez not to mention her in that context.

Gomez did respond to Francia’s comment. She wrote on TikTok, “Sorry I didn’t mention every person I know.”

Damn, okay. We getting sassy now. I don’t know, man. This one is tough. On one hand, I get Francia’s beef in this. Selena hasn’t really seemed THAT grateful (at least not in public) for Francia’s donation.

That being said, you can’t hold a donation over someone’s head. Just because you donated her a kidney doesn’t mean she has to like you. She can be thankful for you, but she doesn’t have to like you.

It’s a complicated situation. No doubt about it.