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Lizzo Delights Her Fans With A Series Of Steamy Bikini Photos


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As you all know, Lizzo is not afraid to show off her body. She’s thiiiiick and she’s proud of it. She is constantly posting sultry photos to her Instagram account.

And on Tuesday (Nov. 29), the 34-year-old singer posted some of her steamiest photos to date, showing off her entire body in a strappy bikini.

She captioned the series of photos, “Sex Symbol,” and the people in the comments seemed to agree with that assessment.

Sza wrote, “Young n successful.. sex symbol.”

One random fan talked about how Lizzo turned her on even though she proclaims to be straight, “Girl you turn me on and I’m unfortunately heterosexual.”

Another user wrote about how Lizzo makes them feel more confident in their own body, which we’re sure is the case for a lot of women out there.

Lizzo has been extremely vocal about her fat-phobic critics. For the most part, she’s able to laugh off the haters, but sometimes the comments cut deep.

She told Vanity Fair the following:

People have been calling me fat my entire life, but that was the first time seeing an insult of how I looked, who I am, and my music wrapped into one, and it really hurt me.

I don’t know. The older I get, the more I think, “If someone is happy, let them be happy.” If she’s happy with her body, then let her be happy with it. I mean, sh*t, you’re not her doctor. She didn’t ask you for advice.

Let her do her thing, even if that “thing” ain’t for you.