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Gayle King Says Amy Robach And T.J. Holmes’ Affair Is “Messy” And “Very Sloppy”

As most of you should know by now, ‘GMA3‘ co-anchors Amy Robach and T.J. Holmes had an affair together, cheating on their respective partners. The affair, which may have began as early as March, went public a couple weeks ago when photos of Robach and Holmes on vacation were shared online.

Sources claim both Robach and Holmes split from their spouses in August, but everyone believes they were all over each other well before August.

ABC News decided to take both Robach and Holmes off ‘GMA3’ this week as they try to figure out how to handle this situation.

While Robach is close to finalizing her divorce from now-estranged husband Andrew Shue, Page Six broke the news that Holmes’ wife, Marilee Fiebig, was ‘blindsided’ by his affair because not only had they had been attempting to reconcile, but Fiebig also had previously kept her focus on her husband’s other affair with another ‘GMA’ producer named Natasha Singh.

Things are certainly looking messy for Holmes. Gayle King, part of the CBS This Morning anchor team, called the affair “sloppy” during a recent episode of Andy Cohen’s Watch What Happens Live.

The more you read, it’s just very messy. I think, to me, it’s just a sad situation because you’ve got kids involved, you’ve got families involved, and I keep thinking about that. I’m very concerned about that.

And it gets worse for Holmes. Not only did he have an affair with Robach and Singh, he’s also been accused of having sexual encounters with “multiple ABC staffers,” so he’s going from top to bottom.

ABC News has now started to investigate his behavior to see if it violated company policy, and you have to imagine it did at some point. I think it’s very unlikely he returns to ABC News following this, which is probably cool with him because it gives him more time to f*k.