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H&M Pulls Justin Bieber Merch After He Instructed Fans Not To Buy The “Trash”

There’s some drama between Justin Bieber and H&M. The clothing company has pulled all their Biebs merch from their stores after the 28-year-old singer called them out online for allegedly using his name and likeness without his approval.

Bieber told his nearly 300 million followers on Monday not to buy their “trash” clothing.

I didn’t aprove [sic] any of the merch collection that they put up at H&M .. all without my permission and approval. SMH I WOULDN’T BUY IT IF I WERE YOU. The H&M MERCH THEY MADE OF ME IS TRASH AND I DIDN’T APPROVE IT DONT BUY IT.

That’s a pretty big call out. As you all know, the Biebs has a loyal following and they were prepared to take down the clothing giant.

H&M made the only move they could make and decided to remove the items, even though reps for the company claim they “followed proper approval procedures”. They say they’re only removing the collection out of respect for the singer.

Of course, we all know they’re removing it because they don’t want Bieber fans to take them down. It’s not clear how the mix up happened. You would think a clothing company as big as H&M would follow all the legal sh*t they needed to, so it’s possible the Biebs just didn’t know someone from his team approved it.

And then when he saw it, he thought, “Yuck!”

Because it’s not like they simply had one shirt with his name on it. They had shirts, sweaters, tote bags and a phone case with lyrics from one of his songs.

So if you happened to grab some of this merch before they removed it, there’s a chance it could be worth some coins on eBay.