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From Sleeping In Her Car To A $15 Million Mansion In Bel-Air, Lizzo Continues To Move Up In The World

Started from the bottom? You could make that claim for Lizzo. The 34-year-old singer once slept inside her car and couch surfed with friends.

These days? She’s living in her $15 mansion in the heart of Bel-Air. During an interview with CBS Sunday Morning, Lizzo was asked about her couch surfing days, and she got emotional while talking about it.

She explained that before this mansion, she never really had a place of her own, so she’s obviously very excited. And you know what? We’re also excited for her. We normally wouldn’t get excited about some celebrity buying a mansion because it’s usually their fourth or fifth one.

But this is a first for Lizzo, so that makes it more special. Another thing that makes this mansion special? It was once owned by Harry Styles. He lived in the mansion from 2014-2016. It was the first home he purchased in the states, so apparently it has a certain level of charm to it.

It boasts over 5,000 square feet and has 3 bedrooms and four bathrooms.

Set behind two layers of walls and gates, the residence offers three bedrooms, three full bathrooms and two powder rooms. A pivoting front door opens into a double-height foyer, and there’s also a fig tree ensconced in an open-air atrium that pierces the middle of the home. From there, natural light seeps into most of the main floor spaces, including the minimalist formal dining and living rooms.

It’s not the biggest home in Bel-Air, but it’s one of the coolest, especially if you want to feel like you’re in nature while living in Los Angeles.

Congrats to Lizzo! We’re sure this will be the first of many.