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Coolio Died Without A Will, His 7 Kids Set To Inherit His Estate… But How Much Is It Worth?

Back in September, the world was shocked to learn that 59-year-old rapper Coolio had died. He was found dead on the floor of his friend’s bathroom on September 28. According to the reports, paramedics believed he suffered cardiac arrest.

An official cause of death has still not been released because the autopsy results were deferred pending an additional investigation.

Because his death was sudden, Coolio did not have a will set in place. This means his manager has been going to probate court on his behalf.

Jarez Posey has begun the legal process of having the late ‘Gangsta’s Paradise’ rapper’s estate appraised, according to court documents. The filing indicates Coolio’s seven adult children, who wear his ashes in necklaces, are listed as his next of kin and the probable beneficiaries of his estate.

The petition estimates the value of Coolio’s estate to be around (or more than) $300,000, which is honestly a little surprising. I thought his estate would be worth more than that, but perhaps that number is truly just an estimate.

But if the estate is worth around $300,000, that means each kid would get around $40,000 each. However, that’s just his adult children. He has 10 children in total, so if his adult kids are nice, they’d pass down a little of their cut to their younger siblings.

Of course, at the end of the day, it’s not about the money. We’re sure they’d gladly take having their dad back over $40,000.

Montell Jordan was on tour with Coolio just days before he died, and Montell says he appeared to be in good health.

I’ve been with him for weeks and for months now, and I did not know — and still don’t know — the circumstances behind his passing, but I did not see anything that would have given an indication that he was ill or that anything happened to him.