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Remember The “Selfie Kid” From Justin Timberlake’s Super Bowl Halftime Show? Well, He’s 18 Now And Behind Bars

Remember Justin Timberlake’s performance at the 2018 Super Bowl halftime show? Probably not. It wasn’t that special, but there was one viral moment.

At the end of Timberlake’s performance, a 13-year-old kid named Ryan McKenna was able to land a selfie with the pop star, which then went viral. It was viewed by millions, and for a while, Ryan got a taste of fame.

Now, Ryan is getting a taste of life behind bars. The now 18-year-old teen was arrested on Saturday at a shopping mall in Florida, where he was allegedly wasted with his friends. They were causing a ruckus inside a California Pizza Kitchen, probably making jokes like, “WE’RE NOT EVEN IN CALIFORNIA!”

At some point, Ryan started arguing with a friend of his. The argument escalated, and Ryan stood up and pushed a table. He also yelled obscenities at his friend and the friend’s girlfriend, who was 15-years-old.

One of the boys called police, and when the officers arrived on scene, Ryan was reportedly aggressive.

McKenna reportedly became aggressive with law enforcement, waving his arms, yelling and trying to approach the 15-year-old boy, while they tried to explain to him that shopping center security wanted him escorted off of the property. They said they attempted to restrain McKenna, but he allegedly continued yelling and tearing cops’ hands off of him.

Ryan abused his white privilege by fighting back some more before cops were able to restrain him without shooting him. Imagine that?

He was arrested on felony battery of a law enforcement officer, plus two misdemeanors: resisting an officer without violence and battery of an officer.

And get this, he was arrested on Saturday and released on bond on Super Bowl Sunday… poetic, huh?

He let that selfie go to his head. You can’t be getting day drunk at a CPK inside a shopping mall. Come on, man. Be better. You take that sh*t to Applebee’s.