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‘Mean Girls’ Sequel May Not Happen Because The Studio Won’t Pay Original Stars Enough

Have you heard about the new ‘Mean Girls‘ movie that’s in development? According to insiders, Tina Fey has agreed to return as math teacher Ms. Norbury. She is also set to write and produce the movie. Insiders say she has agreed on a deal worth seven figures.

But all the other stars of the original film? Well, their offers from the studio have been significantly lower. Lindsay Lohan, Rachel McAdams, Amanda Seyfriend and Lacey Chabert all made a verbal agreement to return for this new film.

However, the contract negotiations aren’t going so well. A highly placed production source claims the studio just won’t give the women the $$$ they want.

Paramount Pictures doesn’t want to pay the girls what they are worth. All four girls were willing to come back, but Paramount has not been respectful of what they are worth.

The source adds McAdams got offered the most because she has a larger part in the upcoming movie, but even her deal has not been officially signed.

Reps for every actress mentioned above have not responded to the allegations, and they probably won’t because they’re in the middle of negotiations. Instead, they’ll throw out a “source” and pretend as if they know nothing about it. That’s how Hollywood works.

As for this new film, it’s believed the actresses will NOT be playing their original parts, should they decide to come back. The source concluded, “Whether they appear in a cameo appearance or they have six pages of script, it doesn’t matter — [the money offered] is disrespectful.”