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Why Did Aubrey Plaza Seem So Pissed During ‘White Lotus’ Acceptance Speech At The 2023 SAG Awards?

Aubrey Plaza always looks a little annoyed at all times. That’s just her face. But during the 2023 SAG Awards this past weekend, she seemed especially annoyed.

During Sunday’s award ceremony, the 38-year-old actress joined her ‘White Lotus‘ cast onstage to accept the award for Best Ensemble in a Drama Series. And while most of her cast members seemed delighted by the win, she seemed like she wanted to be anywhere but the stage.

The annoyance appears to start when one of her co-stars tries to alert her that she might suffer a wardrobe malfunction with her dress riding high on her underboob.

Then when another co-star shouted “UNION FOREVER” at the end of their speech, Plaza can be seen mouthing, “Jesus christ” and rolling her eyes. She was also one of the first cast members to leave the stage following the win.

Obviously people on Twitter caught this and had some questions:

The good news for Plaza is that she’s already thought of as a weird person, so she can probably just say, “whatever, mind your business creep,” in her patented tone and everything will be okay.

But still, we wonder what happened. Was she annoyed with him yelling union forever? Annoyed with her dress? Annoyed with someone off stage that we couldn’t see?

So far, her reps have not commented on her strange behavior.