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Al Roker Says He Probably Wouldn’t Be Alive Today If It Weren’t For His Wife Deborah Roberts

Al Roker had an incredibly difficult end to the year 2022. In fact, he almost didn’t make it to 2023. Some of you may remember that he was hospitalized a week before Thanksgiving. He was released a couple days later, but then was rushed back to the hospital the day after Thanksgiving.

And this time, the situation was more dire. An eyewitness (most likely a nosy neighbor) claims Roker had to be rushed away to the hospital via ambulance from his home the day after Thanksgiving. His wife, Deborah Roberts, looked panicked. She tried to get inside her Tesla to follow the ambulance to the hospital, but for some reason the doors refused to unlock. She tried to smash the windows, but of course that didn’t work because the windows are like unbreakable or some sh*t.

She ended up having to take a taxi to the hospital. After a lengthy hospital stay, Roker finally returned back to work in early January, and he revealed just how close he came to dying.

“I lost half my blood. They were trying to figure out where it was,” he explained. Doctors finally discovered he had two bleeding ulcers. They had to resection his colon, remove has gallbladder and repair his small intestine. Safe to say, it was a lot.

But it was his wife who helped him get through it. She stayed positive the entire time and told Roker that he was fine, even when doctors were telling her the opposite.

I guess I know it now. I didn’t know it at the time. Deborah was great at keeping all that away from me so I thought I was doing OK but that was great because I was able to focus on getting better.

He said that he’s been overwhelmed by the love and support from those around him, but he wanted to give a special thanks to his wife because “I wouldn’t be alive without her.”

For those who don’t know, Al and Deborah said “I do” back in 1995. They are a truly solid couple. Real love baby.