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Tiger Woods’ Ex-Girlfriend Erica Herman Begs Court To Nullify NDA, So She Can Report Sexual Assault

Uh-oh. There might be some major drama coming Tiger Woods’ way. Apparently, he and his long-time girlfriend Erica Herman have decided to end their relationship. No one knew they had split. They were spotted together as recently as August 2022.

But at some point in the last few months, they ended their relationship of six years. And now, Herman, wants to speak on how Tiger treated her, but she can’t because she signed an NDA back in 2017.

She recently filed legal docs, claiming the NDA should not be enforced in part due to the Speak Out Act, which provides an exemption in scenarios where there is evidence of sexual assault or harassment.

Herman says she’s seeking clarity from the court here … because, according to her, she’s eager to share her experiences with Tiger. She wants a judge to declare the NDA invalid and unenforceable.

It’s not clear if she actually has evidence of sexual assault or harassment, or if her and her legal team are throwing everything out there in hopes to get the NDA removed

Before Herman, Woods dated Kristin Smith, and he also made her sign an NDA. And guess what? After they split, the NDA was battled over in court.

Smith is said to have ended her relationship with Woods after suspecting he was unfaithful. TMZ reported at the time that Woods — who previously sought treatment for sex addiction following the demise of his marriage to Elin Nordegren — offered Smith money to sign the agreement in the hopes of avoiding another scandal.

We’ll see how tight this most recent NDA is.

If Herman does have proof of ANY sexual assault from Woods, that NDA will be thrown out.