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Ben Affleck And Jennifer Lopez Find Their Dream Mansion, Purchase $64 Million Home In Ritzy LA Neighborhood

If you know someone from Los Angeles, and they tell you they live in Pacific Palisades, then you know they got some serious cash.

The affluent neighborhood just got a little more afluenty with new residents, Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck. It’s being reported the newly married couple just purchased a massive property in Pacific Palisades worth $64 million.

And get this, this piece of property wasn’t even on the market for a week before Jen and Ben made an offer. The original owner of the home, Gregory Milken, purchased the mansion back in 2009 for just $14.5 million. That’s a pretty good investment, yeah?

This gorgeous home has 8 bedrooms, 11 bathrooms and boasts over 16,000 sq. feet. It has a huge gym, a professional media room, a game room, a nice backyard with a resort-style pool and a separate guest house. Oh, and because it’s located in Pacific Palisades, you know it has some amazing views.

Look at the library!

Ben and Jen have a combined net worth over $500 million, so they can afford a house this pricey, although, they may not have dropped all this cash if they hadn’t just sold their own homes. Ben got around $30 million for his old crib and Jen is about to get $39 million from hers, so they’re doing just fine.

That’s the life of a rich person. Imagine buying a house for nearly $70 million, and then being like, “oh it’s no big deal, I just sold my two other homes for $70 million.”

Crazy stuff. You know who’s not worried about the price of eggs? Ben and Jen.