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Floyd Mayweather & Friends Confront Jake Paul In Miami, But Jake Runs Off Before Punches Are Thrown!

The beef between Jake Paul and Floyd Mayweather is still heating up in the oven. You’ll remember, Paul created drama back in May of 2021 when he snatched the hat off Floyd’s head at a press event promoting his brother’s fight.

Ever since then, things have been tense between the two stars. And it looks like things just got a little more tense on Wednesday night in Miami.

You see, Jake went to the Heat-Cavs game on Wednesday, and following the game, he was spotted leaving the arena with just one security guard.

Floyd confronted him on the streets, and they exchanged a few words, but then Jake claims a group of dudes came out of nowhere. He felt like he was about to get jumped, so he took off running.

After running his way to safety, Jake went on his Instagram account to address the situation: