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Eric Andre Calls Out Chet Hanks For Being Dangerous And “Emotionally Disturbed”

If you’re a gossip nerd, chances are you know all about Tom Hanks’Malibu’s Most Wanted‘ son, Chet Hanks. He has gone viral many times for his bizarre Jamaican accent. He’s also struggled with addiction, finally getting sober in 2018, only to relapse again in 2021.

According to his reps, he’s been clean since September 2021 and is trying to focus on his personal training business.

But comedian Eric Andre seems to think he should be locked up inside a windowless room. During an interview with Rolling Stone, Andre claims Chet was extremely problematic while filming the Eric Andre Show.

Chet Hanks, on the other hand, was a tough cookie. He broke our crew. It felt like ‘Rust.’ He broke us down. He is… emotionally disturbed. He stole a motorcycle and rode it around. He almost knocked a bunch of grips and gaffers off their ladders. It was very dangerous. He tried to prank us back, but we edited out all his bulls–t! He’s not well. How did Colin Hanks come out so good and Chet Hanks come out so bad?

That’s a fair question, but one must remember Colin is 13 years older than Chet, and he has a different mom, so they likely had much different experiences growing up. They’re not even from the same generation.

Anyway, enough about Chet.

Andre also talked about his romance with Emily Ratajkowski. He compared himself to Colin Jost and John Mulaney, who are in relationships with Scarlett Johansson and Olivia Munn.

 How could this happen? I think that people think attraction is only based on physical appearance, but beauty is only skin-deep.

He called himself “ugly” in the interview, but hey, if you’re pulling Emily Ratajkowski, you must be doing something right.