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The Feud Between Chet Hanks And Eric Andre Grows Stronger After Chet Calls Eric A Piece Of Poop

Earlier this week, we told you that Eric Andre called out Chet Hanks in an interview with Rolling Stone. He claimed that Chet was probably his worst guest on ‘The Eric Andre Show‘ and called him extremely problematic.

He also said he broke the crew down and put them in dangerous situations.

He is… emotionally disturbed. He stole a motorcycle and rode it around. He almost knocked a bunch of grips and gaffers off their ladders. It was very dangerous. He tried to prank us back, but we edited out all his bulls–t! He’s not well. How did Colin Hanks come out so good and Chet Hanks come out so bad?

Those are fighting words, right? And we all know Chet ain’t about to back down from a fight. He responded to Eric’s comments on his Instagram Stories.

He first wrote, “had no idea you were such a pos 🤣” over a black screen. He then filmed a selfie style video, in which he claimed to have “outshined” Eric on his own show.

The ‘Your Honor’ star also justified his behavior on the set of the Adult Swim sketch comedy series, arguing that he was simply trying to ‘match [the] energy’ of André’s ‘weird, outlandish, troll’ guests.

And as far as the motorcycle joy ride? Well, he says he has lots of experience riding dirt bikes and was in complete control the entire time.

There’s a lot of f–king weirdos in Hollywood, but I didn’t think you were one of them. I thought you were funny and cool, but turns out you’re just a p—y.

Damn, right? This is a legit beef now.

Eric responded to Chet’s claims by re-sharing his posts on his own Instagram. He used it as a promotion for the upcoming 6th season of The Eric Andre Show.

He also posted a video saying, “Guys, everything Chet Hanks just said about me is a f–king bold-faced lie. He’s a f–king liar.”

We’ll see where this goes, but we kinda hope this is all one big lie to promote the show. Maybe Chet is actually one of the first guests. The new season comes out June 4.