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Kelly Ripa Unknowingly Describes Her Husband Mark Consuelos As Sex-Crazed And Extremely Jealous

On Wednesday, Kelly Ripa released the first episode of her new podcast, Let’s Talk Off Camera. She started the podcast to talk about things that might be a little too risqué for her morning talk show, Live With Kelly and Ryan.

So it shouldn’t surprise you to learn the first episode of this podcast focused a lot on sex. The 52-year-old host had her husband, Mark Consuelos, and their marriage counselor, on this premiere episode.

And although we’re sure she didn’t mean to, Ripa didn’t exactly paint her husband in the best light. Mark and Kelly have been married since May of 1996, which is a ridiculously long time for a Hollywood marriage. So obviously they must be doing something right.

But in the beginning, Mark was doing a lot wrong. Ripa claims Mark was “insanely jealous” early on in their relationship. “It was a hard pillow to swallow. It’s very hard being married to somebody who is jealous.”

Thankfully, Mark has worked on that, but he’s still has other issues. Kelly says Mark only recently learned the difference between sex and intimacy.

Mark tried to defend himself:

I’m going to blame it on the fact that I traveled so much. A lot had to happen in the time that I was home. I wanted to get intimacy in and the sex in. So they became one and the same.

And it’s safe to say, Mark really loves sex. In fact, it’s his only dealbreaker. The only reason he’d leave her is if she stopped having sex with him.

“Unless you had some type of medical condition where, like, you lost the use of [your body],” he added.

Kelly then noted that her husband got a taste of abstinence when she went through menopause, but Mark says even then, he was ready to go.

I didn’t give you a break. There have never been months [between having sex] unless I was in another country.

…lol, okay then. Damn. I don’t know. Something seems a little weird about this to me, but hey, they’ve been together for nearly 30 years.

Who am I to judge?