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Meghan Trainor Talks About Her Husband’s Huge Penis Again

Singer-turned-TikTok star Meghan Trainor loves to talk. She’s talking all day long. She loves to put herself out there, and last month, during an episode of the ‘Workin’ On It‘ podcast, Trainor revealed that sex with her husband Daryl Sabara is extremely painful.

She said sometimes she has trouble walking and they haven’t been able to have actual intercourse in a bit because she also developed vaginismus, which is basically an involuntary tensing of the vagina, which can make it difficult to, uh, accept things into your opening… does that make sense?

After the podcast dropped, some fans were left wondering, “Wait, does Daryl have a really big penis or does Trainor just have a severe case of vaginismus?”

Well, thankfully, the 30-year-old star clarified that both things can be true while talking on Emily Ratajkowski’s podcast, High Low with EmRata.

I’ve been talking about how tight I am and my husband is so very big. I thought that was our problem. I think it’s gonna hurt … and I clench. I have to go to physical therapy soon … and put gages and rings up in me and stretch. It’s a whole thing I don’t want to worry about.

Despite not being able to have penetrative sex currently, Trainor insists her and Daryl’s sex life is just fine, and that they’re doing other things in bed to satisfy one another.

I can have a fine time with other stuff. I’m very satisfied. My hubby, I take care of him. He’s fine. He’s satisfied. We’re great, but it’s tough.

So there you have it. The dude from ‘Spy Kids‘ has a very large penis, and Trainor has vaginismus. Both things are true! You can rest easy tonight knowing the truth.

Although, Meghan definitely strikes me as the type of woman who would lie about her husband’s penis size to make a story more entertaining.