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Diddy Sweats A LOT While Being Asked Directly If Yung Miami Is Officially His Boo

You’ve all heard the speculation. 53-year-old Diddy and 29-year-old Yung Miami are an item. Insiders the past few months have claimed the two stars are getting more and more serious.

But Diddy hasn’t actually addressed the dating rumors… until last night at the 2023 Met Gala. They showed up at the event together and rocked the red carpet.

The ‘Bad Boy For Life’ artist wore an edgy black tux with silver detail along with a long black cloak with black rose appliqué attachments. Complementing Diddy’s style, the City Girls rapper wore a sheer netted gown with long strands of pearls draped down past her midsection.

Diddy’s outfit was elaborate, and it looked super uncomfortable and hot, which might explain why he was sweating so much while being interviewed by LaLa Anthony.

LaLa asked him the question everyone wanted to know, “Do y’all officially go together real bad?” referring to Miami, who was standing next to her.

Diddy dodged the question at first and just sorta rambled as sweat poured down his face, and then when Lala pressed him on the matter, he gave a more serious answer.

We definitely go together real bad! She’s my date for the night. … We don’t put titles on it. Everybody wants us to put a title on it, we don’t put titles. This like my best friend in the world, one of the most beautiful people God has blessed me with. And I’m blessed that she’s my date tonight.

He doesn’t like to put titles on things but he just referred to her as his best friend? Why can he say best friend, but not girlfriend? Come on, Diddy!

Dude was sweating though. Hope he was able to make it inside and drink some water. Get the man some water!!!