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Wendy Williams Cancels Public Appearance At The Last Minute Amid Ongoing Mental Health Concerns

Will Wendy Williams ever get back to her former self? It’s not looking likely. We have been promised a great comeback by her reps for over a year now, and they still haven’t been able to deliver on that promise.

Her podcast? We’re still waiting on it. Her reality show? Still waiting.

And the fine people at the Atlanta Women’s Expo this weekend are going to be waiting as well because Wendy Williams just canceled her scheduled speaking engagement at the event. She was set to be paid $25,000 to speak at the expo, but according to new reports, she has pulled the plug at the last minute.

A rep for the expo explained that Wendy filmed a short clip that will be played on Saturday, apologizing for the late cancellation.

A source told the US Sun that there had ‘been questions about if Wendy was well enough’ to make the appearance at the expo, adding that there ‘was pushing by some to get her to Atlanta and to put her on that stage.’ Wendy’s ability to perform has been rocky at best. She can put together a sentence one day but not the next.

The source went on to say that the people around her are beginning to question if she’ll ever get better.

Reps for Wendy confirmed she won’t be at the Women’s Expo, but they did not reveal a reason for the cancellation…

We regretfully have to inform you that Wendy Williams would not be appearing at The Ultimate Women’s Expo in Atlanta on May 20th, 2023. It was with great consideration that we felt it was best for Wendy to join the Ultimate Women’s Expo at a later date. We look forward to releasing those details when they are confirmed.

In addition to battling Grave’s Disease, Wendy has struggled with substance abuse issues for several years now. She has been in and out of rehab ever since her talk show ended.

We certainly wish her all the best.