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Wait, What? Rihanna Is Reportedly Wearing A $1 Million Diamond Toe Ring

As people all over the world struggle to survive or simply afford their medications, billionaire Rihanna is boasting her $1 million toe ring on her socials.

The 35-year-old artist went on her TikTok account to post a video of herself walking around in a pair of sparkly heels while wearing a gigantic diamond toe ring.

She captioned the clip, “quiet luxury,” and luxury is right. Apparently, the heels she wore in the clip are valued at over $1,000, and the ring is reportedly worth over $1 million, this according to jewelry expert Maxwell Stone of Steven Stone Jewellers.

The ring features a 9 carat pear-cut diamond. The nontraditional cut bears an interesting symbolism. Pear-cut stones are believed to symbolize the empowerment and independence of the wearer.

Ah, yes. Nothing more empowering than letting everyone know you can afford to drop $1 million on a toe ring.

I honestly didn’t even know they made toe rings to be that expensive. I thought you could only buy toe rings from Kmart or one of those little vending machines next to the gumball dispenser.

But hey, billionaires live by their own rules. It is pretty crazy to think that she’s wearing a piece of jewelry on her toe that is worth more than most people’s homes.

After Rihanna posted the video showing off the ring, some people wondered if it was actually an engagement announcement, but I have my doubts. Pretty sure Rihanna would request her engagement ring to be worth more than $1 million. This is a Tuesday ring for her. It’s a ring she bought on a Tuesday because she looked down at her toe and thought it looked lonely.