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Raven-Symone Reveals Everyone She Has Dated Had To Sign An NDA

That’s So Raven‘ star Raven Symone was on Howie Mandel’sDoes Stuff‘ podcast this week, and she revealed some pretty interesting information.

She talked about her dating life before settling down with her wife, Miranda Pearman-Maday. The 37-year-old star revealed that everyone she dated prior had to sign an NDA (non-disclosure agreement) before entering a relationship.

All of my relationships, especially – obviously – when I started dating, I had to get people to sign NDAs. It took me a while to wrap my head around it because it’s very impersonal, but someone in our position needs to do that.

Mandel then asked her when exactly the signing of the papers happened, and Raven replied, “Before the naughty time comes.”

Unfortunately for her, she adopted this policy a little too late when it came to her co-star Orlando Brown. How could anyone forget the video below, in which he describes how much he enjoyed sucking on Raven’s areolas.

Perhaps this is what sparked her NDA decision? Although, we doubt Brown gives a f**k about an NDA. The dude is drugged out of his mind.

Raven talked about how she made her now wife sign the papers because her mom was bugging her to do it.

We were in New York. We were in this outdoor French type of restaurant, and my mom had been bugging me. She was like, ‘You got to get it signed. I’m like, ‘She’s from the industry.’ And my mom was bugging me. I was really reluctant because I knew something was different about Miranda.

Miranda was reluctant at first, but ended up signing the papers for her.

We both were like, ‘This takes away the genuineness of it all, but we also understood that we live in Hollywood.’ She knows who she is. So she did it.