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Kylie Jenner And Timothee Chalamet Spotted Together For The First Time… We Think?

The internet is buzzing this week after photos were released showing Timothee Chalamet and Kylie Jenner together for the first time.

But don’t get too excited, you can barely tell it’s them. The photos look like they were snapped by Bigfoot’s personal photographer.

You’ll remember back in early April, a rumor spread across the internet that Kylie and Timothee were dating, which was a shock to just about everyone. On paper, Timmy is definitely not the kind of dude Kylie goes for. In fact, he’s probably the exact opposite.

People tried to downplay the rumors at the time, but then Kylie’s car was spotted at Timmy’s house.

Sources say they’ve been on multiple dates in the past two months, including a taco shop date, multiple coffee shop dates and they are routinely working out together.

So it looks like things are actually happening between Kylie and Timothee, which is just all kinds of crazy. I don’t see this relationship lasting, but just the fact that it actually happened is a miracle.

Kylie’s last relationship was with Travis Scott, who she shares two kids with. As for Timmy? His last public fling was in 2020 when he was caught locking lips with Eiza Gonzalez.