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Kanye West Celebrates 46th Birthday By Serving Sushi On A Nude Woman’s Body

Kanye West took off the shoulder pads for one night this past weekend to celebrate his 46th birthday. The controversial rapper invited his friends and even his 9-year-old daughter North to the bash.

It was an interesting decision to invite North considering this party featured sushi being served on the body of a nude woman.

Apparently, it’s a Japanese practiced called nyotaimori, often referred to as body sushi. It’s incredibly expensive in Japan and is mostly only practiced by the elites. According to the notes, the woman must stay still for hours as the “elite guests” finish their meal off her.

And you just know there’s probably one pervert trying to shove a bunch of sushi inside his mouth just so he can see more of her body as the night goes on.

Anyway, West featured this body sushi at his birthday party.

That’s Hollywood for you. The whole thing seems a little degrading, but I suppose the models are getting paid good money? It definitely seems like a thing West would be into. He’s often treated women like objects in the past.

Several stars were at this event, including Chloe Bailey, Ty Dolla $ign, Freddie Gibbs, and of course Kanye’s “wife,” Bianca Censori.

She actually spent a lot of time with North at the party. They were spotted holding hands. It’s nice they seem to get along.