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Marcus Jordan Says Much Older Girlfriend Larsa Pippen Is NOT A Gold Digger

You’ll remember the son of Michael Jordan, Marcus, and Scottie Pippen’s ex-wife, Larsa, shocked the world a couple years back when it was revealed they were in a serious relationship.

They didn’t actually confirm the relationship until January, but we all knew they were f**king long before that. As expected, some people are skeptical about the relationship because Marcus is 32-years-old and Larsa is 48-years-old. It’s not the biggest age gap we’ve seen in Hollywood, but it is significant.

Some people believe Larsa is only with Marcus for the Jordan family’s fortune, but Marcus says that’s just not the case. During a recent discussion with Page Six, the two stars addressed the “gold digger” concerns.

Yeah, I feel like people try to say Larsa’s a gold digger and she’s after the Jordan money or something. She has her own money. She’s such an independent, career-driven woman. She’s got it going on … It’s the one comment or commentary that I’ve got to refrain from commenting back on.

They are tired of the rumors and speculation surrounding their relationship, which is why they’ve started a new podcast together called Separation Anxiety.

Larsa explained:

Us doing this podcast, it really was therapeutic for us. Like, ‘Hey, let’s talk about this,’ or, ‘People want to know about our age gap. Should we talk about that?’ Because we really don’t view age like that. I’ve dated guys that are way older than me and I’ve dated guys that are younger than Marcus. So for me, it wasn’t like I was so concerned about a 16-year age difference.

They also revealed they named their podcast separation anxiety because they always want to be together and have trouble being away from one another.

Sounds like they have a good thing going on. Unfortunately, Michael and Scottie are still pissed at each other, so don’t expect one big family reunion any time soon.