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Pink Is Left Shocked After A Fan Throws Their Mother’s Ashes Onstage… WHAT?

We’ve heard of people spreading their loved one’s ashes out on the ocean or over a mountain, but one Pink fan is taking things to a new level.

The 43-year-old singer was performing at the British Summer Time festival in London this past weekend when a fan tossed a plastic bag full of ashes on the stage.

Pink picked up the bag, “Is this your mom?” she asked. “I don’t know how I feel about this,” she added, and then placed the bag gently on the edge of the stage.

The pop star could also be seen shaking her hands, as if trying to clean them, behind a speaker before continuing to sing her song ‘Just Like a Pill’ while still looking astounded.

And one might assume this fan’s mother was a huge Pink fan, but apparently the story is even weirder than that. According to someone who was standing near the lady at the concert, she leaves little bags of her mother’s ashes everywhere she goes because her mom was ill and couldn’t get out of the house much.

OK so my friends were stood [sic] near this lady and back story is..her mum couldn’t get out much as she was so ill when alive so this lady takes her ashes places. So she get out now it’s not everyone’s cup of tea but if it gives this woman comfort then that’s up to her. Not for me tho.

I mean, yeah… sure, do what you gotta do, but forcing someone to pick up your mother’s ashes seems like a bit much. She couldn’t have just left them in a corner somewhere?