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Kim Kardashian Gets Blasted For Photoshopping Her Body And Face In Photo Shared On Instagram

The Kardashians are at least partially (if not largely) responsible for the growing trend of women getting all sorts of plastic surgery, even riskier operations that occasionally end in death.

The group of sisters share these flawless photos on their social media accounts and make people think the miracle body is achievable, but turns out, the miracle body isn’t even attainable for Kim Kardashian herself.

The 42-year-old billionaire is being called out by the Instagram account @ProblematicFame, which is known for exposing how Instagram can have a negative impact on beauty standards. In a post shared on Tuesday, the account called out Kim for altering a professional snap of herself at the Louis Vuitton Fashion Show.

A short video comparing the original photo by Getty Images and the edited one posted to the Skims founder’s account seemingly showed that she edited her stomach, arms, waist, chest, shoulders, chin and jaw to appear thinner.

Check it out below…


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If the video is moving too fast for you, here are the photos…

kim’s version


The alterations are slight, but they make a huge difference. Many people commented about how sad it is that she’s spent all this money on her body and she’s still not happy with it.

One person wrote: “Imagine spending all that money in surgeries, all that dieting and time in the gym, and STILL not being happy with yourself.”

Another one wrote: “I honestly don’t think anyone owes Kim Kardashian any saving grace. Yes, she was naturally pretty, and yes, she’s still pretty. But she has completely changed the perception an entire generation of young girls and women have of themselves by using smoke and mirrors and claiming au naturale. And she’s STILL doing it. The whole family can move the pardon my French on.”

Personally? I agree. I truly believe the Kardashians have done more harm to society than good. By a large margin.