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Jamie Foxx Spotted For The First Time Since Hospitalization, Seen Chilling On A Boat In Chicago

Finally! We have proof that Jamie Foxx is alive and well! As you all know, the 55-year-old star was hospitalized back in April after suffering a mysterious medical condition. He was in Atlanta at the time filming a movie, but he never did return to the set.

Instead, he was transferred to a physical rehab facility in Chicago, and it looks like he’s still there, or at least still in the Windy City.

This past weekend, Foxx was spotted for the very first time since his hospitalization. He was seen chilling on a boat with some friends on the Chicago River. Fans spotted him and waved, and he appeared to give a little wave and smile back.

Now if you look closely, it looks like maybe the right side of his body isn’t moving as well? That’s purely speculation though based on a very short video filmed from a distance. But it would make sense with the stroke rumors, and it would explain why he’s needed to spend so much time at a physical rehab facility.

He also posted on Twitter, addressing his boat adventure while promoting his bourbon brand…

Good news all around. Looks like he’s starting to put himself back out there, so hopefully now it won’t be too long until he gives his first interview.