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Keke Palmer And Baby Daddy Darius Jackson Are No Longer Together After Bizarre Public Shaming

Last month, Keke Palmer’s boyfriend of two years, Darius Jackson, jumped on his Twitter account to publicly shame the outfit she wore to the Usher concert in Las Vegas.

He reposted a photo of her from the concert and wrote, “It’s the outfit tho… you a mom,” and when people criticized him for the shaming, he doubled down and basically said he’s the man of the household and should be able to control how much his woman shows of her body.

Meanwhile, Keke seemed unbothered by it all. In fact, she posted more photos from the concert and gushed about how amazing Usher was.


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And it looks like her post may have been the nail in the coffin because now we are learning Keke and Darius have officially split, which is a shame because they just welcomed a baby together in February of this year.

A source told PEOPLE that Darius has “moved on” from Keke, although we’re sure that’s his source saying that because the most likely scenario is Keke dropped him. She can’t be having a dude control what she wears.

The notoriously private star first revealed her relationship with Jackson, whom she reportedly met at a Memorial Day party, in the summer of 2021. She announced in December 2022 that she was pregnant with their first child while hosting ‘Saturday Night Live.’

Hopefully there’s not too much bad blood between them so they can focus on being good coparents together.