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8 Years Later, Halle Berry And Olivier Martinez Have Finally Settled Their Divorce, Forcing Halle To Pay Lots Of Child Support!

Way back in 2015, Halle Berry and French actor Olivier Martinez decided to get a divorce after just two years of marriage. During their marriage, they welcomed a son together named Maceo.

And that made everything more complicated in court. The court proceedings were first held up a year after they filed for a divorce because they were not able to agree on custody. And ever since then, they’ve been battling things out in court.

That’s right, this has been an 8-year divorce/custody battle.

Thankfully, it’s finally over.

Court documents filed in Los Angeles Superior Court on Tuesday and obtained by Page Six detail the terms of their agreement, which orders Berry to cough up a hefty sum of money for their only child’s expenses.

How much will she have to pay? A cool $8,000 a month. That’s a lot of money for just one kid! Thankfully they only had the one kid together, or else she’d be stuck paying over $20,000 like Kevin Costner.

In addition to the monthly $8k, she was ordered to pay her former boo 4.3 percent of any income she receives over $2 million, which would be classified as additional child support for their son.

According to the court documents, Berry must also pay for her son’s ‘private school tuition, school uniforms, and school supplies,’ but the payments will go directly to the school and not her ex. The ‘Monster’s Ball’  star also agreed to pay 100 percent of all of Maceo’s extracurricular activities.

For those wondering, Berry has a net worth of around $90 million while Olivier’s is believed to be around $10 million.

Once again, I have to ask… WHY ARE RICH PEOPLE GETTING MARRIED? Halle’s been married three times now… stop it! They don’t deserve your money!