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Malia And Sasha Obama Photographed Partying With Drake!

When Barack Obama first became president back in 2009, his daughters Malia and Sasha were 11 and 8-years-old. They grew up in the spotlight, with their father being the president of the free world for the following eight years.

And now these days, Malia and Sasha are famous in their own right. The now 25-year-old Malia and 22-year-old Sasha were spotted partying the night away with Drake at The Bird Streets Club in Los Angeles on Tuesday.

As you can see, Sasha showed up to the shindig with her midriff on display in a lacy black cropped corset with some cargo pants to complete the outfit.

Malia also rocked a pretty risque look.

She wore one of the label’s signature lace-up tops, along with high-waisted flared trousers in a different eye-popping print. Malia wore her long locks in a half-up, half-down style and completed her look with lug-soled boots.

You can check out her fit below…

Stylish, no question about it. According to insiders, they didn’t leave the party until four in the morning. They share a house in Los Angeles together, so we’re sure they took the same car home.

…unless one of them left with Drake? Nah. He wouldn’t… would he? Naah, right? No? Maybe? No way… possibly? Nooo.